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SmartMoney - Expense Manager

1.49 usd

[CREATE BACKUP FILE IN FREE VERSION AND RESTORE IT IN PAID VERSION TO GET YOUR ALL DATA]* Easy access. No internet connection required.* No registration!* Available in 13 languages (The language is currently selected via your phone settings): English, Deutsch, Dansk, Español, Português, Français, Italiano, Russian, Magyar, Polski, Japanese, Korean and Norwegian.* User friendly and easy to use* Get brief overview of your monthly expense and set budget limit for current month.* Get history list of your all expenses and do daily, weekly and monthly grouping.* Color coded categories with intuitive design.* Add new expense, income (fixed and repeted) fast and easily.* Get daily expense report chart, expense report by category and last six month expenses pie chart.* Home screen widget to add quick expense entry.* Automatic backup and keep number of backup file on SD card.
* Settings ----- set your current month budget limit. ----- set date format ----- set first day of week ----- Export your expenses record as .csv file ----- Password protection ----- Database backup and restore to/from SD card
Paid version has extra features:
* Widget to add quick transaction entry.* Add recurring transaction.* Password protection to keep your data safe.* Restore data from SD card.* Export data as .CSV file.